Thematic focus of the institute

The Institute for German and International Mining and Energy Law focuses on legal issues of a sustainable energy supply, a sustainable supply of primary and secondary raw materials and a competition-oriented design of the economic system. In addition to an analysis of the applicable law, the Institute is also interested in the development of possible regulatory alternatives. This is often done in cooperation with the engineering, economics and environmental sciences.

As to the sustainable energy supply, IBER deals with the regulatory framework of energy infrastructures, in particular electricity and hydrogen networks as well as energy storage systems. Of great importance are questions concerning climate protection in the design of the energy supply system. In this area the IBER offers lectures on “Energy Law, including the Hydrogen Industry” as well as “Law of Renewable Energy Sources” and takes part in the lecture series “Sector Coupling Technologies”.

In the area of a sustainable supply of raw materials, issues relating to the exploration, extraction and processing of mineral resources as well as to underground storage are treated. Questions regarding waste reduction and recycling in the context of a circular economy are of major importance. For this purpose, lectures on “Mining Law” and on the “Legal Framework of the Recycling Industry” are offered.

The competition-oriented design of the economic system is examined with regard to the general antitrust rules. In addition, competition issues are examined in the context of the sector-specific legal frameworks for the energy industry and the recycling industry. These topics are dealt with in the lecture on “Commercial Law II” (antitrust law); in addition, specific questions of a competition order are treated within the lectures in the fields of energy and raw materials.